Consider Universal Design

I recently discovered the world of Universal Design through a building project this past summer when the customer ask for UD features. Not knowing a lot about the concept, I was pleasantly surprised that our patio homes in Christiansburg, Virginia were perfect candidates for such a design.

So what’s UD principles? In a nutshell, its homes that are useable by most ages and varying degrees of ability. Flexibility in design regardless if you’re left or right handed. Easy to understand and use without complexity like a digital thermostat. Perceptible information that communicates effectively to the user, regardless of ambient conditions of the user’s sensory abilities (is the water hot or cold). Minimize hazards by providing fail-safe features (front controls on a cook-top). Adjust features in homes that require low physical effort (casement windows) and provide appropriate size and space for approaches to doors (36” openings), hallways, closets and rooms that provide a clear line of sight.

So you ask, can I afford UD products and features. Yes, if you’re planning a new home, and yes for remodeling an existing home that extends the use for the occupant that might be considering an assisted living arrangement or nursing home.

With families staying longer in their homes, UD concepts have become an attractive option that add value and benefits to a larger market of consumers.

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