Downsize to the right "Fit"

Ever try to stuff more furniture in a room than it can handle? As our aging population start their migration to smaller, single floor homes be aware of the big three when shopping the existing home and new construction market. What is the big three? I’m talking about the three rooms we use the most. The master bathroom, master bedroom, and the kitchen come to mind, others may have a different opinion.

First, is the bathroom large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker, assuming all doors leading up to the bathroom are passable to this point. If so, can you enter and operate the shower controls, or the vanity faucet from a seated position? Where is the location of the toilet and how much room is around it? These are all key points to consider towards the adaptability of the space.


If we continue along the same line of questioning for the master bedroom a general rule could be less furniture with more space to move around into the closet and bathroom. Kitchens are best suited when open and not crowed with an oversize island and has enhanced technology built into the appliance’s and lighting system.

The key to the right "Fit” is best based on the proper size and room flow within the home to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. Don’t be afraid of an undersized structure that could be up-fitted with minimal dollars. Ask a local builder/remodeler to view the home and get their opinion on the adaptability and/or adding more space.

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